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Energy Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Anamnagar Chowk,
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: +977-1-4225008
Fax: +977-1-4259812
Email :
Welcome To Our Website
We are truly committed for your satisfaction. Quality, Honesty, Sincerity and Reliability are major signatures of the Energy Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Obviously our first priority is to provide you quality manpower in time and as of your convenience. The services of our Sincere, Honest, Hardworking and Disciplined candidates armed with higher morale and productivity will help boost the business of employer companies. Energy Overseas Pvt. Ltd. has confidence that the Nepalese workforces will fit in and contribute to our client companies at their best. The prime reason for the provision of Manpower recruitment services (to foreign companies) is to help strengthen the Economic Status of the supplying Nation as a whole other as that of the individual employee. At the same time we wholeheartedly admire the invaluable contribution of Hired people upon the overall rapid growth of the Outsourcing Country and the utmost satisfaction of clients' needs in an efficient and cost- effective manner.

Countries of Services

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